What we do

B2B Outsourcing is a leading business process outsourcing company in South Africa delivering specialised and customised services and solutions through three specialist divisions:

  • B2B Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • B2B Human Capital Consulting
  • B2B Human Capital Development

Our customised services are directed at three distinct levels of the human resource value chain, namely Strategic, Systems and Administrative level depicted here:

Who we are

Now, more than ever, clients need to see a business model that provides both an attractive return and is easy to understand and implement. B2B realises this and we know that we cannot attempt to be everything for everyone. Over the last 8 years we have therefore augmented our specialist services and solutions with a strong complimentary associate structure that enables us to supply innovative solutions to the complex challenges our clients are often faced with.

Our empowerment credentials - prestigious as they may be – are merely a proverbial "ticket to the game". Being a winning player means offering and delivering professional services and solutions of outstanding value. We feel that both our National and International clients realise what our service offering is worth, and therefore will and bear testimony to the quality services and solutions they have garnered from B2B. We are thus not only a major player in a South African context, but also a truly professional services and solutions company that is globally recognised.

Relationships have been maintained with many of our clients since B2B's establishment in 2002. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver consistently on what we promise our valued clients. We currently service various major South African and Global corporate organisations, as well as state owned enterprises and government departments. Whilst our head office is in Midrand, Johannesburg B2B has the scope to service clients nationwide.

This is done through our representative offices in many of the main centra throughout the country, our associate and strong network structure. With our cloud technology end strong CRM system we add our centrally controlled "War Room" that enables customised and optimised services and solutions delivery.

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South African Relevant

B2B is a 100% Black owned company. We have been independently rated by SANAS and ABVA accredited BEE-ABACUS as a Level 3 (110% Recognition Level) Broad Based Black Empowerment Company. In terms of the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice our clients, when procuring services from us, can substantially benefit on two important elements of its BBBEE scorecard:

  1. Preferential Procurement: Clients, if rated on the Generic Scorecard and the Preferential procurement element of the QSE Scorecard, will be able to enhance its score in all areas of the Preferential Procurement Scorecard and not only – as with many of our competitors – on the top line area (See scorecard below). Furthermore, in the area of procurement from all suppliers clients get enhanced BEE points claim value given B2B’s ownership structure of 100% Black Holding (x1.25).

    South African Relevant

  2. Enterprise Development: With its ownership being 100% Black, B2B is classified as a Category A recipient of Enterprise Development. If clients identify B2B as an Enterprise Development recipient, they can get the following advantages in terms of their own rating:
    • All ED grants, mentorship and other monitory and non-monetary ED initiatives is deductable from a client’s overall measured procurement spend and recognised as part of their ED points claims.
    • Up to 15% of client’s procurement spend with B2B can be claimed on the ED element of client scorecards if accounts are settled within 10 days from invoice date.

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Our value proposition

B2B's value and value proposition lies in it’s positioning as strategic human capital management partner. We believe that as our respective client’s strategic partner we can contribute toward navigating companies through the realities of acquiring the talent they need and unlock amongst other:

"We endeavour to deliver a comprehensive; project managed outsourced human resource, recruitment process and consulting solution. We will elaborate on it throughout our engagement process."

The single most pressing challenge to ensure success of projects is to address issues of strategic fit. Determining how effectively guide the process to realise our client’s objectives is key in the success or failure of each project as a whole. In this respect it is our approach at B2B to view each project and subsequent processes in the context of what we call a dynamic, integrated strategic workflow as illustrated below.

Our Value Proposition

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