What we do

B2B Outsourcing is a leading business process outsourcing company in South Africa delivering specialised and customised services and solutions through three specialist divisions:

  • B2B Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • B2B Human Capital Consulting
  • B2B Human Capital Development
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South African Relevant

B2B is a 100% Black owned company. We have been independently rated by SANAS and ABVA accredited BEE-ABACUS as a Level 3 (110% Recognition Level) Broad Based Black Empowerment Company. See how your company can benefit by utilising our services.

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Our value proposition

B2B's value and value proposition lies in its positioning as strategic human capital management partner. We believe that as our respective client's strategic partner we can contribute toward navigating companies through the realities of acquiring the talent they need and unlock amongst other...

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